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Construction for Residential Properties


Everyone dreams of owning their own house, and our professional team will help you complete it in one stop from design to construction.

You don’t need to worry about anything, whether it is a house and land package, house, town house, an apartment or a unit, our outstanding service and excellent construction quality will not let you down. We have participated in the design and construction of countless luxury homes in Sydney’s North suburbs. Contact us today and we will show you more outstanding cases.

In addition, renovation and knockdown are also our famous services. Try to contact us today to tell your thinking. We might help!

Interior Design for Residential Properties


Just building is not enough, the design of your dream house always worries you. Our team has extensive residential design experience, which means that we can control multiple styles such as luxury, modernity, tradition, and solemnity.

Fully customized services make your future home have the characteristics of you and your family and be different from other people’s houses. Isn’t this what is necessary for modern architectural design?

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Interior Design for Commercial Properties


There is no doubt that the decoration style of the store directly determines whether your consumers are willing to enter your store and sit down for a cup of coffee or have a wonderful dinner.

The Modern Building team understands that Westfield, Stockland, land lease, and Vicenti are full of many shopping mall construction requirements. We are completing incredible store construction and design work for all types of companies.

Our specialty shops include but are not limited to:

-All kinds of catering

-Milk tea shop


-Baking shop

-Fish shop

-Butcher shop

-All kinds of retail stores


-gaming room



-Jewelry showroom

-Various window designs


Not only that, but we could also even assist you in finding the location of the store to completely relieve your worries and anxiety.

Graphic Design


Brand packaging is definitely not limited to the internal design of the store. Our professional designers will also help you complete the brand design, which may include logos, posters, business cards, flyers, and brochures. Let your business be ‘one step faster’ on the plane!

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Soft Decoration Design


In the design process, soft decoration selection is our other top priority. We have a wealth of experience, which allows us to clearly know how to choose the most suitable furniture and lamps in the budget. Make your properties leave the best experience for you, your family and your customers after entering the door.


Application for Change of Land Use


Prepare paperwork, submit application and wait for application. The application for land use change is troublesome and complicated for people. Modern Building has a professional team that can help you solve your problems directly. You only need to prepare a part of the documents you should provide in accordance with the list of materials provided by us and leave the rest of the application to us.

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Application: DA, CDC, OC and CC


If you wish to build your properties, we have to get the approval of the council.

To apply for compliance with your approval is an energy-consuming task, as it not only takes as little as a few weeks and months to apply but more importantly, it also needs to submit documents to ensure the smooth completion of the application.

Whether it is Development Application (DA), Complying Development Certificate (CDC), The Occupancy Certificate (OC), or The Construction Certificate (CC), Modern Building is here to help you apply for relevant approval through the most patient and reliable service, so as to further your dream!

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